10 дней на предприятии у родителя

Internships are organized for students in grades 9-10 at the end of the academic year based on their parents' enterprises. 

During the first five days, students undergo active practical training, and during the next five days, they prepare a reflective report, an essay, and video-photo reports. 

Key features of the internship: 

  • Students plan their internship in collaboration with a curator and parents. 

  • They work with information. 

  • Collaborate with employees of the enterprises during joint activities. 

  • Apply knowledge acquired at school in practice. 

  • Learn skills of business communication and public speaking. 

  • Keep a diary, analyze information, structure, and prepare a report. 

Analysis of the internship results and feedback has shown that 60% of students, after their first internship, seriously contemplate their future profession and discuss it with their parents. They explore a career map that helps them gather information about various professions, initiating a significant dialogue between parents and children and sparking a joint thinking process.