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Ershova Yulya, 10 gr. Regional Boarding School for orphans

Petropavlovsk city

Discover Kazakhstan Essay Competition
3 Place Winner

                                                   Discover Kazakhstan


Hello, my dear friend, I want to tell you about my country I live in. I think that you don’t know a lot about my country because it is a very young state. My motherland is Kazakhstan. My country is very large in size. Do you know this fact: the countries of France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, and Finland combined can all fit inside the territory of Kazakhstan! Do you know that Kazakhstan borders China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan?  ----

Imagine yourself in a plane flying over its territory. You will see wonderful sights such as the blue lines of the rivers, blue lakes, green fields and forests, plains and mountains. You will enjoy every minute of your flight! The landscape of Kazakhstan has many different looks: the beautiful Tian Shan in the south and the Altai mountains in the east. The Caspian Sea is full of sturgeon and oil resources… Have you ever heard about Balkhash Lake? Its eastern part contains fresh water and its western part contains salt water. In the southern part of my country you may visit and admire the blue Tien Shan spruces. They are a real decoration of the southern places. They look like candles – straight, tall and reaching the sky. There is also the world famous skating rink Medeo! It is the best place for international competitions in skating. On the weekends, ordinary people, not champions in skating, may come to Medeo and spend a wonderful day there. It is impossible not to see the beautiful nature around the skating rink! Welcome and remember another place of interest which is the mountain ski resort, Shymbulak. Visit my country and you will know more about its landscape! You will know more about the wildlife of Kazakhstan, about the sights of Almaty, modern and beautiful places of interest of Astana, about our customs and traditions. Do you know, for example, that you can celebrate the New Year Day in March? It is Nauryz - holiday which is celebrated by the Kazakh as a beginning of spring. Come and you’ll enjoy the main dish of this ancient holiday- Nauryz Kozhe! It includes seven compulsory elements. These components symbolize happiness, luck, youth, health, wealth, quick growth, the heaven’s patronage. It is considered that a coming guest is sent by God. Come and you will be welcomed into houses to enjoy the tasty dishes of Kazakh cuisine - kuyrdak, baursaks and beshbarmak. Peaceful and generous, the land of Kazakhstan has always been famous for its hospitality.

 Our land is remarkable for its ancient history. It is not by accident that it is located on the crossroads of two cultures: European and Asian. Kazakhs were traditionally nomads. If you watch the film “Nomad” you will know about the life of the Kazakh people from ancient times. The people who inhabit my country are patient, understanding, proud, and friendly. They are also hardworking and reliable. They have the qualities which helped them live and survive in the hardest of times. The national pride of any land is its people, talented scientists, musicians, writers, and artists. The most famous representatives of Kazakh culture are Abai Kunanbaev, Shokan Ualikhanov, Ibrai Altynsarin, Sabit Mukanov, great composer Kurmangazy, Evgeny Brusilovsky and famous artist Alikhan Kasteyev.

 Kazakhstan is famous for its natural resources. There is gold, coal, oil, gas, iron and lead. Four beautiful seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter are distinctively expressed in my country. The land of Kazakhstan is the place of the first flight into space. I am especially proud of my fellow countryman, Alexander Victorenko. He is the cosmonaut who was born in our northern region. Every year he visits his native place. I like meetings with this man. You may have a chance to meet him and enjoy by his charming personality!

 I live in Petropavlovsk which is in the northern part of my country. It is a city with a historic past. Our city is small, but it is famous for its park and for the oldest and may be the only botanical garden in our republic. You can find many unusual, rare and exotic plants in this garden. For example, there are  banana palm trees. I want you to get acquainted with Ravil Ryazapov, who is the creator and keeper of this wonderful place. He is just an interesting personality! My region is famous for its picturesque lakes and green birch trees. I invite you to see the pine forests of Kokshetau. This region is called Kazakhstan’s Switzerland. There are many wonderful lakes and rocks. Each rock has its own legend. It’s so exciting! Welcome! You’ll enjoy the natural sights of my region!

 Twenty years ago the Independent Republic of Kazakhstan appeared. Undoubtedly, these twenty years passed for our country and are equal to several decades. Thanks to our President’s efforts and his care of our people we have hope in our happy future. I am proud of my Motherland and expect many people to visit my country and admire it.

 Welcome to the land of Kazakhstan!



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