Казахстан от А до Я. Эссе Екатерины Курочкиной


Kurochkina Ekaterina
School-gymnasium № 6, Stepnogorsk

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2 Place Winner

                                               Kazakhstan ABC’s

Whoever takes an interest in Kazakh culture, one of the most original and richest cultures in Eurasia, pays tribute to a nation which even during the hardest years offered refuge to many people.  
                         Prezident of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev   ----

You want to know my country? Well, it is as easy as ABC, just follow me!
A    ALMATY is a south capital of Kazakhstan, green and shady with a smell of barbequed meat in the air, with cozy welcoming outside cafes and restaurants, while ASTANA is a center of modernity and business, with stunning constructions in glass and steel, streamlined roads, dancing fountains and mirrored skyscrapers. B    BAITEREK is an observation tower, crowned by a golden, glittering globe, which according to a legend is considered to be a magic egg inside which all the secrets of human desire and passion were hidden.
C    The CLIMATE has a pronounced Continental character: extreme fluctuations in seasonal temperatures and insufficient amounts of precipitation. Hot, dry summers almost skip autumn to become cold winters, followed once more, almost overnight, by fast-rising temperatures.
D     Kazakhstan is a very DIVERSE country genuinely representing a true melting pot of people where more than 130 ethnic groups live in peace and agreement, regardless of their beliefs and religions. Kazakhstan is well known all around the world for its tolerant relationship between all its citizens.  
E         General EDUCATION is free and guaranteed to every child; the President dreams of fostering a capable and intellectual generation and does his best to make this dream true.  
F    Our national FOOD is amazingly various because our cuisine includes not only Kazakh dishes but the best dishes of Uzbekistan, Russia, Tatarstan, Korea and other countries.
G    With a GEOGRAPHICAL area of 2.7 ml square kilometers, Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country and the largest landlocked country in the world.
H    HOSPITALITY is a supreme commandment of the steppe. Every traveler can be certain that wherever he sets foot he will be given shelter at all times. Every guest is treated as God sent and is always made to feel at home.
I    National IDENTITY – The national heraldry of Kazakhstan shows the profiles of two winged unicorn steeds. Between them is a roof opening of a yurt (the shangyrak), symbol of peace and hospitality. The winged unicorns stand for immortality, development and spiritual riches of the people who in Kazakhstan live together under a single shangyrak.
J    JUSTICE in our country is enforced by the Supreme Court.   In every province there are regional, military, municipal and specialized courts. Judicial authority is one of the three branches of power in Kazakhstan. The other two are legislative authority and executive authority.
K    KHAN Shatyr, the world’s largest tent, is a giant entertainment and shopping center.  It was constructed by Norman Foster and gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy a year-round summer paradise.  
L    Kazakh is the state LANGUAGE, while Russian is spoken in all homes.
M    Its rich geological past has blessed Kazakhstan with a variety of MINERAL resources –almost all existing chemical elements are hidden under Kazakhstan’s surface, most of them in sufficient quantities to make their exploration commercially viable.                                                                                 
N     NAZARBAYEV University is a unique world-class university, where national identities, best international models of education, science and research practice are combined while classes are taught by professors from USA, UK and Kazakhstan.
O    The Caspian Sea region contains the third largest reserve of OIL and natural gas in the world. Kazakhstan’s oil reserves rank in the top ten in the world.
P    Kazakhstan POLICY is aimed at promoting peace and stability essential inside the country, and at fixing solid relationship with other states.
The first and only PRESIDENT is Nursultan Nazarbayev, who firmly stresses the value of secular state policy and equal rights for all religious beliefs.  PARLIAMENT is composed of the lower house (the Majilis) and the upper house (the Senate).  Kazakhstan is also a member of the United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
Q    Our country directs all its power to increase the QUALITY of life: salaries, pensions and benefits are going up, and the government regularly allocates huge amounts of money for science and humanitarian development.
 R    RUSSIA has always been a good neighbor and a reliable business partner, and our cooperation has culminated in a lasting sharing of the largest space launch facility “Baikonur”, which is mutually beneficial for both countries.
S    SCIENCE is a major focus of the government. In the last ten years Kazakh scientists have developed 136 brands, created 193 hybrid crop varieties and grown 14 new breeds of animals.
T    Kazakh people are rich in TRADITIONS, one of them – a Kazakh wedding is an exciting show with the richest gifts to the bride’s parents, with the guests amounting to hundreds, the culmination of which is the batashar - the uncovering of the bride’s face by one of the groom’s relatives, usually a young boy.  
U    Kazakhstan has 15% of the world's URANIUM resources and is the world's leading uranium producer.
V    VOLUNTEERING work in Kazakhstan has a long history; many volunteers have been coming to our country to exchange cultures.  Yearly our government allocates money for such programs as Flex and Global UGRAD, which give our students a chance to present our rich culture and traditions abroad.
W    The main WEALTH of the country is its nation. Kazakhstan has been able to prosper in all spheres of life since it got its Independence, benefiting from its stability, it has attracted a great deal of foreign investments, has been able to exploit its vast reserves and natural wealth and as a result the life of people has changed for the best.
X    Due to the fact that Kazakhstan is a multinational country Xmas comes many times but the favorite one is Nauryz which is celebrated in March. It symbolizes the beginning of spring as well as new hopes for a better future.  
Y    The YURT is the traditional house and today it is more than just a symbol, it is regaining its reputation as an extremely practical dwelling, it is an ideal shelter from heat and cold.
Z    Kazakh people have an amazing ZEST for increasing the welfare of its people, for making their country powerful and competitive so that subsequent generations could make it clear to the outside world: “My country is the best in the world!”. 



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