Открывая Казахстан. Эссе Зылқии Ахметжановой


Discover Kazakhstan
Zylkiya  Akhmetzhanova 11’A’ t

            Nazarbayev Intellectual School

of physics and mathematic

Semey city

Discover Kazakhstan Essay Competition
2 Place Winner

                                            Discover Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan ... Winter period. A girl woke up with the admiring face and said: ‘What a wonderful morning!’ Then she went to the bathroom, washed her face, hands, cleaned her teeth and went to the dining room. Her parents were waiting for her and when she came, they kissed her cheeks. Mother had prepared breakfast, they sat at table. They had scrambled eggs with sausages and tasty hot tea with milk and a cake. Then she went to her room to dress.  She has a lot of clothes and she could not choose anything. She was confused and called her friend.  ----
-Hi, Kausar!
-Hi, Aru!
-How are you doing?
-I am alright. Are you ok?
-I can not choose anything to dress. Can you help me?
-Hm… I think you should wear your lovely pink dress from Italy.
-Oh! Yeah! How did I forget about it? Thank you!
-You are welcome. See you in school.
-See you.
Her father was waiting for her in a car. She quickly slipped into a car and they started to drive.
-Oh no! I forgot my IPod! – said Kausar.
-Oh… ok. I would return and take it, - said her father.
They returned home, took it and then went to school again. Her school was big and equipped with all modern equipment. There study students of different nationalities such as Kazakh, Russian, American, Korean, Kirgiz, Belarus, etc. They are  smart, intelligent and they have high level at Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Kausar is one of the best students in this school; she always participates in different competitions and wins. According to the schedule of the day, all students after the third lesson go to main hall for the meeting with famous university professor.
She has many friends there. Generally, she has many facts to be the happiest person in this world.
At this very time in the village a boy woke up. His name is Tolegen. When he got up he felt cold. His school is so far, therefore he got up early. Their WC is located in the street. It was cold moreover he went to the street to wash his face, hands and to clean his teeth. And  he brought water from aryk. Then he helped his mother to give breakfast to younger sister and brother. Tolegen went out from home early and he felt cold and bad. His way to school was long and Tolegen was tired. He looked up and saw high mountains and beautiful sky. He suddenly said to himsel: ‘What an astonishing place I live!’. School was tiny and there were few students. But all of them had their aim to improve their country and they had chosen their future professions already. When they sat at the lesson, their teacher approached to Tolegen and said:
-Tolegen, have you heard about a camp for children, who has only a mother? Our president gave you trip to it, I congratulate you.
-Really? Wow, I can not believe! It is the best thing I have ever heard! I want to say thank them and you too. I am so happy that I live there! Thank our government!! Hurrah!!!.
Tolegen hastened to tell the news to his family.
These are two lives of Kazakhstani children. We have different children from different families. They have different social security, but all of them know their own purposes and try to achieve it.
I am a representative of new generation, I do my best to achieve high quality in education and life not only for me personally, but for all children in Kazakhstan. Not long ago I have been as a part of volunteer group to rural districts of our region. We helped children of villages to develop their knowledge and we gave them many books, disks and materials to do that. Indeed it is not enough. But I think it is a start, we started to help country to promote. Of course each person has to take part in different social projects which helps improve status of our country. Our country is amazing, great and the most beautiful country in the world. I love my country not only because of the fact I was born here. Many countries envy us. And there are many facts to do it. We have a large territory, where all the delights of the world. Mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, lakes, seas, owing to this we have a clean air, organic food, clean water to drink. Historic monuments as a noble heritage prove a long life of our nation. We must do everything to make our country prosperous in all spheres. I am sure in successful future of my country and believe in us.



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