Домбыра. Эссе Айши Сағындық


Aisha Sagyndyk

Specialized Gymnasium #8 for gifted

children with teaching in three languages

named after -M.-Kh.Dulati

            Discover Kazakhstan Essay Competition 1 Place Winner



       Discover Kazakhstan: the truth about truly dombyra-like Kazakhstani people


Since my English teacher told me about the essay on Kazakhstan I have been really interested in such an amazing offer for students. I feel that writing about one’s Fatherland provides more advantages to the participants of this competition than just ordinary compositions at schools. Due to it you are considered to be one who adds a word about his country reporting device for experience exchange with foreigners visiting Kazakhstan or having trips with different purposes and never stops for defining a framework for it. So what are peculiar features of Kazakhstan that make me go deep in this essay?  ----

As stated by a well-known poet Kadyr Myrzaliev, truly Kazakh people are considered to be like the DOMBYRA. Additionally, I dare say that even each letter of the word goes beyond this idea: any citizen of Kazakhstan looks like this national instrument. First of all, thanks to DEMOCRATIC policy of the president Nursultan Nazarbayev we are becoming stronger and stronger in different spheres of human activities. I would exemplify with two main trends which are worthy to mention here: healthcare and educational system. The first one has risen significantly and a person can be treated free of charge although he can choose fee-paying medical one as well. And the latter is resulted from realizing the program "100 schools, 100 hospitals" which let a large number of people lay the the foundations for healthy and reasonable life ahead of them.

Another point is being OPPORTUNE in shaping our future lives. Nowadays a lot of schoolchildren are able to learn and acquire new knowledge and, furthermore, they are offered to get skills adapted and kept up with changing events by “Bolashak” program and Nazarbayev University.  

It is noteworthy that everyone is quite MOBILE with getting valuable life skills so that he can fit in with accelerated pace of modern life. Yet we are really motivated in taking part into international Olympiads, contests and sports competitions as well. We are proud of sportsmen in athletics, boxing, cross-country skiing, cycling, ice hockey, and rhythmic gymnastics.
For most foreigners to meet BLESSED Kazakhstani people goes without saying. Indeed, they are surrounded by more engrossing atmosphere – 140 ethnically, culturally and religiously diversified groups living in peace and agreement. One can easily find enormous mosques, magnificent churches and other temples of 46 religious communities. Moreover, for majority peoples not only does the country give them an opportunity to present thoughts, dreams, feelings and life experience in both personal and national ways but it also endows a great source of both learning and teaching a language through their mother tongue.

And one of the most striking features is to have YEARNING people. As a result we are forwarding in most important world recognized political or sports events – successful chairmanship of Kazakhstan in OSCE, OIC, SCO and  it is paramount of importance to point that Kazakhstan won the same amount of gold medals as it did in 2007.  We are easily recognized and welcome by having celebrated the anniversaries of outstanding Kazakh celebrities like Abai, Zhambyl, Mukhtar Auezov which were under UNESCO supervision.

Another option for you is visiting the most picturesque places including Kokshetau, Shymket, Almaty, Alakol, Balkhash and the east of Kazakhstan you will be stunned with nature and art masterpieces like scribed huge stones, Yassavi, Domalak Ana, Aisha Bibi mausoleums and other art masterpieces as whole crafted for many centuries as well as a vivid exhibition of customs, traditions and inimitable games – Kyz kuu, Altybakan, Aksuek.

As stated by president of the Republic of Kazakhstan only here you will find people REALISTIC as they know that despite their belonging to different nationalities everyone is secured to have all his rights and freedom highly protected. And ARMED with a politically stable state, intercultural and ethnic tolerance mentality you will have out-of-the-world experience in trying national drinks like kumis, shubat, meals such as baursak, beshbarmak, kazy, kuirdak, zhal-zhaya.
So if you want to be a leader in the centre of Eurasia, don’t hesitate, come and have a try to be the real DOMBYRA as we have already decided that you deserve the sacred instrument.


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