Seminar on the Formative assessment of the Reflective report on the lesson

Between the periods starting from 13 to 29 March, 2017, the Center for Pedagogical Measurements of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” has organized a training seminar on the formative assessment of the reflective report on the lesson as part of attestation of the pedagogic staff of the Intellectual Schools.

At the stage of school assessment experienced colleagues, deputy heads of methodical unities and deputy head teachers, as instructors, implement a formative assessment of reflective reports on the lesson, provide feedback to the teacher for the purpose of providing support in the context of his professional development. The process of formative assessment involves the constructive interaction between the teacher and mentor: the teacher analyzes and assesses his planning, teaching, evaluating the students' learning achievements, the quality of the learning and teaching at the lesson; mentor provides feedback, which helps the teacher to improve the presented evidences of reflection.

The effectiveness of formative assessment of the reflective report on the lesson directly depends on the extent to which the mentors have knowledge and skills of assessing teachers in accordance with the principles and criteria, as well as the ability of teachers to use evaluation results for further professional development. For this, it is important that all participants in the assessment process have all the necessary skills and knowledge.

During the seminar, assessment experts provided the methodological support to the heads of subject methodological unities and deputy head teachers in developing skills of formative assessment of analyzed evidences, evaluation and synthesis in a reflective report on the lesson. Also, the content of the coach’s portfolio based on supporting the professional development of the teacher was introduced to the wide range of participants of the seminar.

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Published: 07 April