School of Chemistry and Biology in Pavlodar

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Pavlodar

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Pavlodar has started its work on August 27 2013, in anticipation of the new school season and has become 14 in a row of Intellectual schools, opened on the initiative of the head of the state. A new school in Pavlodar is eyeing to become the base for innovative learning process and enhancing qualification of pedagogical personnel. To work here leading specialists of the region have been invited. On the competitive selection there were accepted 400 applications. The commission have recommended 92 people for the work at the school. Four of the teachers have taken a one-year specific training course at Nazarbayev University (PDP – Professional Development Programme), 59 subject teachers have been trained in refresher courses at the Centre of pedagogical mastership on the 3rd (base level). Currently, a computer science specialist

The system of competitive selection of students to Nazarbaev Intellectual School focused on children who can study by disciplines of science and math direction, basically top Kazakhstani and foreign technology Universities. There were attended about 2413 candidates in the competitive selection for the training 7, 8, 9 and 10th grades of NIS in Pavlodar. It should be noted that the new system of testing was held the 1st time among 7th grades which was designed and conducted collaboratively with Institute of Pedagogical measurements Cito.

Nazarbaev Intellectual Schools are an experimental platform that investigates and implements the best local and international educational experience. Each school provides educational, linguistic; sleeping blocks. Training block includes 58 classrooms, including 18 language classrooms, 5 physic and chemistry, mathematics 9 rooms, 4 offices of biology, studies of geography, history, environment and etc. Also, the school provides an auditorium for individual lessons, technical modeling technology, art, psychological relief, the integration of teaching and information technology, several universal classrooms and lecture halls.

The school is equipped with the latest computer systems, media facilities, highly-productive computers, interactive whiteboards, high-speed internet connection, innovative software that not only help to gain knowledge but also can direct the process of education. The school was built according to the individual project and is intended for 720 students. In the sleeping wing there is a dormitory for 120 people, where children from the remoted districts all over the region are welcome to live. The created conditions assist the cognitive and scientific activity of students; form a creative approach to the world and environment exploration.

In “Nazarbayev Intellectual chemico-biological school” in Pavlodar there functions a Students’ Scientific Society (SSS), carrying out its work in the following directions: scientific research, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics clubs, school newspaper edition, republican, international intellectual contests and olympiads, school media centre.

There are also a number of other clubs, such as a leadership club; school archeological union, which has already proved to be efficient and carries out its activity in collaboration with Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute; the community of professional support for newly-qualified teachers “Bastau”. 

The basis of public school life is the union of students forming the spirit of community, generosity and mutual aid in "Shanyrak", “TEDx NIS club” projects, “Wikipedia club", “100 books offered to NIS students”. 

The project of TEDx NIS promotes the students’ initiative in scientific research development. Also this project adjusts interrelations among  partners, develops creative skills forming a respectful attitude to pluralism. 

The "Club Wikipedia" requiring students to be polylingual, develops students' ability to be creative in writing of works, enjoy the academic freedom of thought, scientific research designed to find the principles of responsibility. The project “100 books suggested to students of NIS” covers 60 books of Kazakh and 40 books of world classic literature, which aim is formation of students’ spiritual culture, moral principles and building-up personal moral standards based on national classic literature.

The Community of professional support to young specialists “Bastau” plays an important role in the school’s life. The Community is aimed at establishing complete system of professional help to unexperienced teachers in creating individual way of teaching, professional growth and career; developing professional competence of young specialist through effective interaction  between teachers and the members of the Community.

Adress: Pavlodar city, Usolski microdistrict, 16/2 Tkacheva str. 

Telephone: 8 777 728 2643,  8 (7182) 733-000, 8(7182)733-005 reception



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