School of Chemistry and Biology in Shymkent

Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Chemistry and Biology in Shymkent

Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Chemistry and Biology in Shymkent was launched on 25th February 2013. By the 1st February 2014 has been enrolled 594 students. Intellectual school is assigned to achieve education quality increase, promote innovations in the academic activity, and upgrade pedagogic human resources` quality, therefore being fully facilitated.

School`s building represents an object made up of 3 floors, 4 blocks (boarding, academic, laboratory and language) and designed for 720 students. Boarding school includes dormitory for 120 students from distant parts of the region. Academic block consists of 65 classrooms that are 18 Language, 5 Chemistry and Biology, 9 Maths, 4 Physics, Geography, History, Ecology and other classrooms. Almost all equipped with interactive and white boards as well as notebooks. There are also classrooms for individual training, technical modelling, arts, psychological relaxation, pedagogical and information integration classrooms, moreover a number of multipurpose classrooms and lection halls. 

Upgraded Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nanotechnology and Robotics laboratories provides young researchers with leading equipment of Kazakhstan, Russia, UK, Germany and USA involving such world brands as PASCO, PHYWE and others. In addition, company representatives train school specialists. 

There is a large multipurpose assembly hall designed for various cultural events taking up to 360 seats, which transforms to the professional choreography hall.  

Our library fund now includes the library in Shymkent, which is supplied with academic guides, golden series of classics and fiction, and a large amount of local publish. The library stands as an information centre, where students acquire skills of data search, selection and analysis.

 Physical Education department includes small and big sports venues, gym, rock-climbing wall, football, basketball and volleyball pitches. Mentioned venues hold a variety of contests including city tournaments. Furthermore, students attend extra-curricular activities such as Choreography, Music, Gymnastics, Chess, Togyzkumalak (national game), Robotics, Domestic Chemistry, Miracles through the lens, Glass calligraphy, Design and Modelling, Floristic, Young director, Technical creativity and elective course on IELTS preparation. 

Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Chemistry and Biology in Shymkent has employed best human resources of the region by contest assessment results. Moreover, there are 16 expat subject teachers of Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Arts, Physics, Information Technology, Global prospective and English language. 

There are 223 people enrolled in the school now. Pedagogical resources (teachers, curators, mentors) involve 103 people high education graduates, 80 of which are subject teachers. 40 teachers` tuition language is Kazakh, 22 teachers conduct in Russian and 18 teachers use English (not including expats). 

AdressShymkent, 16000, Kazakhstan 

1A, Nursat microdistrict 

Phone:  8 (7252) 77-55-34, 8 (7252) 77-55-32



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Published: 18 February