School of Chemistry and Biology in Petropavlovsk

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Petropavlovsk

July 4th, 2015 Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Petropavlovsk has joined the network of Intellectual schools of the country. An educational institution, designed for 720 seats, is located in the new district “Bereke”.

Innovative School in Petropavlovsk will contribute to the development of intellectual potential of the students, providing them with the knowledge and develop the skills that will form the basis of formation of highly educated, polylingual, competitive, physically and spiritually developed citizen, striving for self-development and self-realization.

            A hundred of the strongest teachers of the region have passed a rigorous selection were devoted to the teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools. Including 6 foreign teachers from the USA, Australia, South Africa, Estonia, who are ready to share its unique experience with colleagues and students.

            By the way, in the competitive selection for the position of teachers and facilitators have been submitted more than 400 applications.

The system of competitive selection of students was focused on the selection of children who can be trained in the disciplines of chemistry and biology areas. In the competition for training 7-10 classes attended by more than 2,000 applicants. About 500 of them have already become owners of educational scholarship “Orken”.

Despite the fact of the majors in school chemistry and biology great attention will be paid to the study of mathematics, physics and the humanities. To achieve good results in the educational process of the school is equipped with modern facilities, all the conditions for the formation and development of research skills and practical application of knowledge.

            The school consists of academic, language and sleeping blocks. The training unit consists of 62 classrooms, including 18 of languages, 6 classrooms of physics and chemistry, mathematics 9 classrooms, 5 study rooms of biology, studies the history, ecology and others. Our special pride is the newest laboratory of biotechnology, nanotechnology and robotics. Also, the school provides an audience for individual lessons, technical modeling, the art technology, psychological relief, integration of teaching and information technologies, few universal classrooms and lecture halls, a library with a large collection of rare books.

Feature of Intellectual schools is the availability of modern, comfortable dormitories for 120 people, meeting the highest standards of life and the safety of children. Sleeping block consists of rooms designed for 4 students, with a bathroom and shower. The boarding contains a room attendant teacher, library for self-study, a room for meetings with parents. There are a laundry room, doctor’s office and medical isolator in the same block.

Particular attention is paid in school rest and physical development of students. After training sessions the children will be able to relax in the orangery, which is cultivated more than 150 species of tropical plants. There is also a children’s gym, choreography gym, tennis court, several playgrounds for basketball and volleyball, hockey box, a climbing wall, several sports halls, one of which is equipped with transformable stands with 120 seats. All venues have a special coating for the safety of students in sporting activities.

The school address: Petropavlovsk, Bereke microdistrict, I.Ibrayev street, 22 а

The telephone of reception: 8 (7152) 55 97 22 



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Published: 24 August