School of Chemistry and Biology in Atyrau

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Atyrau

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Atyrau joined the network of Intellectual schools in the country on September 11, 2013. 

The strongest teachers in the region passed selective exams to become the teachers at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. There are twelve foreign teachers from the USA, the UK, South Africa, Romania, and Ireland who are ready to share their unique experiences with colleagues and students. The competitive selection of teachers for Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Atyrau city was held in November 2012 and in July and August 2013. A competitive commission recommended 134 people to work in this school.  Thirty-three of them were trained on a three-level training program.  Four teachers have graduated from a year-long course at Nazarbayev University.  They are graduates of the program "Bolashak." There were six people for each vacancy in the competition.

There were 2,978 applications submitted for grades 7, 8, 9, and 11 in the competitive selection. There were approximately four students for each opening at the school.  Six hundred and ninety-seven (23%) students were awarded a Scholarship of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation "Orken." The contest for studying in Grade 7 was held with strategic partners - the Institute of Pedagogical Measurements (Cito) in the Netherlands and the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University (CTY) in the United States.

This innovative school will become a regional leader and role model for other regional schools. Chemistry and biology are chosen as there are large concentrated enterprises in Atyrau engaged in the production of various kinds of chemical products specialized in chemical processing, automotive industry, textiles, and raw materials for the production of building materials.

The high school is designed for 720 students and is located in "Nursaya." The school is connected to all city communication networks and has its own boiler. The general contractor for the construction of the building is the LLP "Atyrau-ModernStroy."  The school campus covers six hectares of land. There are several playgrounds for tennis, basketball, and volleyball in addition to a running track. All fields have heterogeneous safety covers for school children. The football pitch is overed with artificial turf. In winter, one of the sites will be used as a skating rink.

The school provides zoning of the main groups on campus to ensure its technological sufficiency. The project provides the optimal solution for communication links and direction of student movement. Building block A includes a sports zone of large and small halls with mobile stands with a capacity up to 120 people. There is also a gym. The building block P has an assembly hall with bleachers providing seating for 378.  Block T, the language department, has 18 rooms which accommodate 12 students. The building block PM is a specialized department for mathematics and physics. The building block CB is a specialized department for the lessons of geography, history, ecology, chemistry, and biology.

One feature of Nazarbayev Intellectual School is the presence of a modern, luxury dormitory for 132 students, meeting the highest standards of life and safety. Dormitory rooms are designed for four students and include a bathroom and a shower. In the hostel, there is a room for a teacher on duty, a library for self-study, and a room for meetings with parents. There is a doctor's office, a medical detention center and laundry facilities which are located in the same block.

The school is also equipped with the latest technology to optimize the learning process, research, and practical application of knowledge. Each classroom is equipped with a desktop computer and an interactive whiteboard. The school has at least 650 laptops and charging rooms.

Location: Atyrau, Nursaya microdistrict, Street 11, Building number 22


Telephone: 8 775 645 8095 (reception)


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Published: 01 October