International School of Astana

International school of Astana

In 2013 International school of Astana (ISA) opened its doors to pupils for the first time. There were 4 grades and 10 teachers at the time of opening of the school.

In the 2014 - 2015 academic years, the school grew to 20 sets of classes with 400 students. In the same year a kindergarten was opened.

Since September 2016 students from 1st  to 8th  grades began to study with 45 classrooms

On the 1st September 2016 the new building of the ISA was opened.

The school is located at the intersection of streets Orynbor and Hussein Ben Talal. It is designed for 900 students  and consists of 45 classes in  9 blocks. The school has a library with separate reading rooms, sports and training halls, study robotics and a pottery room/ There is  a studio and a recording room. The school also has modern science labs and botany experiments. The library is designed in a modern style and it is a key center of the school building.

There is also a studio equipment for training in musical and theatrical clubs that  are  very popular in the school and there is a performance theatre that you can use as a lecture hall.

International School of Astana (ISA) is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The school aims to obtain authorization on three programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Currently, the school has the status of "Candidate School for International Baccalaureate" PYP Primary School program.

About the program. International Baccalaureate Program has collected all the best that is in the school education of the participating countries. At the same time International Baccalaureate does not replace national systems of education, but raises them to a new level above the national standard. At the moment, the International Baccalaureate program is officially authorized in the 4267 schools of 147 countries, in Kazakhstan there signed 7 schools, 3 out of 7 schools are in Astana.

International Baccalaureate offers three educational programs:

1) for preschool and primary school children aged 3-12 years (PYP);

2) for basic school students aged 11-16 years (MYP);

3) Diploma program for high school students aged 16-18 years (DP).

The main objective of the International Baccalaureate program is the skills development of students’ independent work, the ability to plan and conduct individual and team experiments and research. The program is aimed to the comprehensive development of students creativity and formation of their personality.

PYP program is focused on having child enjoyed the learning process, showed an interest to gain new information and ideas, and constantly developed his/her natural curiosity. It promotes free, bright and quick thinking, the ability to give arguments systematically and reasonably.

In accordance with the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate program, ISA is obliged to ensure conditions for the formation of the intellectual potential of students, development of individual abilities, critical thinking skills, the formation of tolerance and civic responsibility, motivation and the desire for lifelong learning.

ISA base learning on the following values: patriotism, respect for themselves and others, cooperation, the academic honesty, learning throughout life, openness, and morality.

In addition, the educational program of International School of Astana organizes club activities, for example: Sport, Art, Chess, Debates, English Club and various competitions.

In order to achieve high educational results the school provides a healthy teaching environment. Learning takes place in a modern, well-equipped school with highly qualified teachers.


Address: Astana, Turkestan 32/1

Phone: 8 (7172) 91-61-77 (reception).


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