Parents university

Parent University

 Parent University is an educational project aimed at improving the pedagogical culture and competence of parents in the upbringing and development of children. The Parent University functions on the basis of each Intellectual School and unites representatives of the parent community, administrative and pedagogical workers interested in strengthening the family, the connection between family and social education.

Purpose of the University:

- creation of a system of continuous psychological and pedagogical education of parents, the formation of new parental competencies in them that meet the challenges of the time, awareness of the need for their internal change for the benefit of the family, children and the future of the country, responsible motherhood and fatherhood;

- the revival of the traditional foundations and way of the Kazakh family, the harmonization of marital relations, the establishment of spiritual and moral values in the family and society, the popularization of the positive experience of family education;

- promoting a healthy lifestyle, taking care of the health of students, correcting deviations, increasing the stress resistance of the individual.

Teachers-organizers-curators, teachers-psychologists, vocational guidance consultants, subject teachers are involved in conducting classes within the Parent University. Also, representatives of the public, specialists from departments, people who take an active civil position, parents with a responsible and positive parental position are invited.

The academic year at the University begins on September 1 and ends no later than May 25 of the academic year. Classes are held at least 4 times during the academic year. The work of the University in the academic year ends with a final event (conference of parents, parent readings, etc.)


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Published: 18 August