Teachers professional development

Teachers professional development

Centre for Educational Programmes – professional dialogue between teachers and progammes’ authors.

Training session for primary school teachers who will accept first year pupils in 2015 and for subject teachers of partly renewing 11-years school programme will be held. First of all this training session will run for the administrative staff of pilot schools during autumn vacations (for 90 people).

The training organizers (Department for experience translation, Department for educational policy and programmes) are making the handouts ready. It will include methodological and regulatory documents in it and planned to be given out during the first day of the trainings.

The schedule of trainings for experience translation 

Main activities of Intellectual Schools on translation of the experience for 2013-2014 academic year

Methodological support for the teachers of secondary education schools  

·  Has developed and transferred 157 items of methodological developments in to schools in the amount of 2091 pieces 

·  Has delivered workshops:

For oblasts - 31 for 1020 participants

For cities (districts) - 15 for 924 participants

For base schools - 31 for 877 participants

·  Delivered: Sessions on international, republic and oblast workshops and conferences - 33.  

Forums - 4, including Forum «EXPO-2014» dated 24 may 2014, where took participation Deputies of the Parliament, South Africa and Finland ambassadors, the public, the media, President of the International Education Association «Balavari» Lali.B, representatives of East Kazakhstan Oblast Akimat, managers and specialists of the Department of Education of East Kazakhstani Oblast (Ust-Kamenogorsk)

Master classes - 240, out of them 123 for 850 CoE participants

Open lessons - 57 for 128 CoE participants (Semey)

Workshop – trainings - 17;

Round tables - 11 for 213 participants. 

Organized visits to schools with the representatives of other organization (Deputies of Parlament Majilis, representatives of Akimat,  Regional Department of Education
district and city departments of education, party NDP «Nur Otan», WWII veterans, students, parents, teachers, CoE courses participants) - 46 for 1630 people.

Handled Open doors days for students and parents - 23 for 6872 people.

Implemented internships in 7 schools (Astana, Aktobe, Kokshetau, Taldykorgan, Ust-Kamenogorsk (2), Uralsk) for teachers of base schools (job-shadowing) - 7 for 52 people.

Went through teacher practicing - 46 students of West Kazakhstan State Univeristy named after Utemisov  and pedagogical college of Dosmukhamedov (Uralsk) in 3 Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

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Published: 05 August