Development Fund

‘Development Fund’ Corporate Fund

 The ‘Development Fund’ Corporate Fund is a non-commercial organisation in the legal form of a fund established by the decision of the ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual schools’ autonomous educational organisation’s Board of Trustees from February 29, 2012 (Minutes No.1).

The Fund was established in order to develop the society in social, culture, educational, scientific-research, scientific-technical, charitable, innovative, managerial and other socially useful spheres and also in order to assist to the ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual schools’ autonomous educational organisation and its organisations in realization and achieving its statutory goals, as well as forming the property for these goals on the basis of voluntary property contributions and other receipts, that are not prohibited by law.

Legal address: Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr ave., 53.

Physical address: Almaty city, Nazarbayev ave., 242.

Phone numbers: 8 (7172) 23 57 11; 8 (7273) 30 71 56.

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Published: 30 July