Winning in the Russian competition of trainer's skill....

On April 26, 2019 in Moscow, the XIV Russian competition of trainer's skill, which annually has been carried out since 2005 by Accent Bureau, took place. Melnikova Yuliya a senior manager and a trainer of Pavlodar branch of Center of Excellence became a winner of the competition in the "experienced trainer" nomination. Participation in any competition is always a challenge and feedback! More than 65 applications were submitted for the nomination “experienced trainer” this year. Trainers from different spheres of the industry participated in the competition that made it more interesting and fascinating! The competition consisted of two stages: online and offline formats. In online stage, trainers were to perform different tasks: to write an essay, the scenario of a training on a certain subject, to offer solutions to a case study and to share trainer's life hacks. By results of the online stage, three nominees in each nomination for continuation of fight in the final are selected. An offline stage – display of an own demo training. After each stage detailed feedback from judges is given. As Yuliya said: "For me the victory took place from the very beginning – big challenge to myself, an opportunity to arrive to Moscow and to participate in the final. It is meeting with new people, feedback and the ways for further development. Great gratitude to the Center of Excellence for an opportunity to study, develop constantly and to feel rather freely at the international level. Yes, of course, we need to study and develop further, but this is what our profession is about! In addition, the most pleasant thing was in the fact that a director of Pavlodar branch of “Center of Excellence”, Sarbasov N.S. came to Moscow to support me. It is really very important to feel support from the colleagues!”

We sincerely congratulate Yulia Melnikova, a leading coach, who has 7 years of work experience with teachers of various categories, a professional, talented, creative employee, on winning Russian competition of coaching skills.

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Published: 08 May