Malaysians are dancing Kamazhay

The delegation from Malaysia performed the Kazakh dance “Kamazhay” at the concert “Two Stars”, organized in the capital NIS of Physics and Mathematics.

These week, the Intellectual School hosted a delegation from PERMATApintar College, the National Center for Gifted Children of Malaysia. The visit took place in the framework of the international exchange between two schools, which has been operating since 2015. Last spring, Kazakhstani students visited PERMATApintar, where they lived in the families of their peers, studying general education subjects, as well as the history and culture of Malaysia.

Now the return visit was made by Malaysian friends. For five days the students of the senior PERMATApintar school, accompanied by the deputy principal and the teacher of biology, took part in the NIS life. During the visit they attended classes, extracurricular activities and master classes.

At the school press center guests shared their impressions of the trip. They pointed out that they are happy to visit Astana right now, because they were lucky to see the snow and catch the real winter.

- We are the only school in the country that has an exchange educational programme. I wanted to see the best international practice. I know that there are 20 Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan. We hope that we will be able to implement in our own country what we saw in Kazakhstan, - said Rorlinda Binti Yusof, deputy director of the Center for Gifted Children.

- I liked the architecture of Astana, the buildings of a very unusual shape. The Intellectual School has a lot of new equipment and all the conditions for studying. I liked the informal atmosphere in your library, - one of the Malaysian delegates Muhammad Azamuddin Bin Fathul Karim confessed.


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Published: 23 February