NIS and Songok collaboration

In Taraz, experts from South Korea shared their experience of the educational work effective organization with NIS teachers.

Within three days, librarians, curators and tutors of NIS from all regions of the Republic participated in master classes from the Korean colleagues. The seminar "Development of students’ scientific creativity and moral principles" was held by experts of international class from Songok – I Dok Chu, Han Hye Jung and Kim Seung-Hee.

– We shared the methods of building an effective educational work in the school. Our team is interested in transmitting the experience and the best methods of library service. We are very impressed with the activity of your teachers, –  admitted Han Hye Jung.

The programme of the seminar included three main topics  – "Education through reading and discussion", "Education through activities" and "Training  and teaching the interaction between colleagues".  

Deputy Director of the Department for development of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Aida Agadil pointed out the importance of joint work of librarians and curators. The participants of the seminar noted the importance of studying the best international practices.

– I have been working in the NIS system for seven years. During this period, we have mastered the innovations and methods of different countries and implement them in our work. In this seminar, I would like to mention the effectiveness of the close cooperation methods between teachers-librarians and subject teachers in the formation of moral values, – senior teacher-librarian of the Intellectual school of Kokshetau Olga Salamakhina shared her opinion.

Cooperation of Kazakh and Korean pedagogues is a vivid example of successful educational collaboration.


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Published: 22 February