MIT students were impressed with Kazakhstan

The practice of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in Intellectual schools has been completed.

Students' practice in NIS has been held for the third year under the MISTI Kazakhstan Global Teaching Labs project. The program started for the first time in Karaganda in 2017 and showed a positive result. The project aims to enhance students' knowledge in mathematics and natural science, to develop theoretical knowledge of practical skills, and to enhance their comparative thinking.

During this time, students taught Physics, Mathematics, Computer science and Chemistry. They also held various meetings for the Intellectual School students, and presented MIT, which has the 150-year history.

Students of Massachusetts could not hide their impressions of the beautiful architecture of Astana, the nature of Almaty and Semipalatinsk, the history of ancient Turkestan and the students of the Intellectual School.


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Published: 08 February