Searching for the Queen of Great Britain

Within the framework of the English language week, students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School actively participated in various competitions, quests and conferences for five school days, searching for Queen Elizabeth II.

English language week was organized with the aim to improve the language competence of students and teachers in the school. As planned methodically by the English teachers, the Head of Great Britain disappears during the opening ceremony, who had to be found by the students.

“Tips on finding the location of Queen Elizabeth II were provided to those students who got the right answers to quizzes, quests, interactive intellectual games and who actively participated in various events,” explained English teacher Ainur Bekeyeva.

The tea ceremony at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London was very interesting and informative. Students dressed up as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and invited other students of grades 9 and 10 for tea and they organized an intellectual game “What? Where? When?" for their peers.

“Having been divided into two teams of experts and spectators, we answered questions related to British and German cultures. Discussing the answers in the team, I gained new knowledge about these countries and  improved my language skills,” said grade 9 student Asylzhan Sagdikyzy .

In the contest “My Favorite Book Character” grade 11 students presented excerpts of the monographs written in English and answered some questions on the content of books read. In this contest, a student of the 11 "E" class, Sauadat Kurmanayeva, was awarded the first place. She chose "The Little Prince" from the works of Antoine de Saint-Exupery  and was also the best in the blitz poll.

In order to encourage faculty members to study English among other subject teachers, an event called “How is your English?” was organized. The competition consisted of 5 stages and participants had to demonstrate their knowledge in grammar, phonetics, lexicology, regional geography and musical awareness of foreign songs. Participants successfully coped with all tasks, showing a high level of proficiency in English.

At the end of the week, the most active students and teachers were awarded prizes. Grade 7 pupil Asem Tablinbay, who was very active and scored the highest number of points and managed to find Queen Elizabeth II, received the main nomination of the week – “Best Detective”.




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Published: 04 February