Learn English using comics

The English teacher of NIS PhM Uralsk, Albina Kalenova received a grant for providing course for students according to the educational project «Teach & Share». The project is developed by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan.

14 teachers out of more than 250 contestants were selected from the whole country. The purpose of the project is to acquaint teachers with an alternative method of teaching using various methods and techniques.

”60 books of comics were provided by the Embassy. Comics help children to improve informal conversation, to develop their imagination and ability to express their thoughts confidently. A group of 8-10 grade students was selected to carry out this project. Now we are incorporating comics in our lessons. I want to note the effectiveness of this teaching method”, - Albina Kalenova admitted.

One of the outcomes is that learners will perform on TEDEd Student Talks by the end of the course.


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Published: 21 January