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In honor of the celebration of the year of youth in Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Physics and Mathematics in Taldykorgan was held Share Wiki Camp "Youth – the pride of the country!".

About 100 students took part in the share. They wrote articles about the best young professionals who have succeeded in various fields of business and contributed to the development of the Almaty region.

Since 2013, in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Taldykorgan city has been working the school club “Wikipedia”. The club members, along with the global creators of online content, independently fill out the online encyclopedia on various topics. They write and post articles in three languages: Kazakh, English, Russian.

Since the opening of the school club “Wikipedia”, students of the Taldykorgan Intellectual School have written about three thousand articles on the topics of historical and cultural heritage, scientific discoveries and modern achievements of Kazakhstan.

“The Wikipedia Club develops schoolchildren's skills in writing and editing articles, involving them in research and creative work in accordance with the principles of academic integrity and responsibility. For our students, this is a great opportunity to be part of the world, to contribute to the development of Kazakh Wikipedia content. This is really a big deal”, Nazira Sultanova, the club coordinator, shared her opinion.

The first president of the school Wikipedia is a graduate, Kudaibergen Dauletkerey. He was a participant of the international conferences "Wikimania-2013", "Wikimania-2014", held in Hong Kong and London. Today, the 10th grade student Zhemisbek Dilnaz leads the work of Wikipedians.

Since 2012-2013 academic year, in all Intellectual Schools have implemented Wikipedia clubs, the participants of which have written over 20 thousand articles to date. In the ranking of the languages of the popular website, the Kazakh section of Wikipedia occupies the 39th place among all the language sections.


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Published: 17 January