Dreams about Germany becomes reality

15 pupils of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of chemistry and biology in Pavlodar became winners of the International competition which was organized by the Goethe Institute. They presented a project which was called “Dreams about Germany”, telling about the German diaspora of Pavlodar Irtysh. For the victory, the students were given a two-week trip to Germany to exchange with the program “Träume von Deutschland” in the school.

It should be noted that all the pupils have chosen German as the second international language and have been studying language for the third year already. They are pleased that there is a great opportunity to improve their language skills.

 “Germany is a wonderful country with a high standard of living. We lived in the city of Frankfurt, attended classes with local students of the Goethe-Schule gymnasium. We made new friends and we hope that our communication will be long,” says Alisher Ashekeev.The children lived in German families, visited the cities of Bonn, Marburg, Wetzler, Giessen. They immersed in the culture of Germany, visiting museums, historic centers and other attractions.

 German teacher Ademau Akylbekova noted that the main goal of this program is good practice with native speakers.Abylaikhan Mustafin, having attended classes in a German school, saw the similarity of the education systems of Germany and the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.Today, the students are preparing for a return visit of German schoolchildren to Kazakhstan in April next year. Altynsara Bakhtiyarova shared her plans: “I would like to show Astana to our guests. It would be great if the pupils come during the celebration of Nauryz to see the diversity of our culture, cuisine and traditions”.


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Published: 11 November