Intellectual schools improve reading culture

A workshop for librarians of secondary schools “Active forms of developing the culture of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools students’” was held at the international school of Astana.

Psychologists of the International School Gulnar Sikhova, Arai Konyrova and Nargiz Katimbaeva conducted various trainings on teamwork. Librarians learned to create 3D books, write stories, read poems. Also, the organizers shared their experience in libraries of foreign schools.

Participants valued the organization and informational content of the seminar. Nursulu Akhmetova, head of the library of school №71, noted that she annually attends Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools seminars and learns something new every year and shares the experience of Intellectual Schools and conducts similar seminars for her colleagues.

The event was also attended by vice principals of elementary schools. Tolkyn Beisekova, a vice principal for pastoral care at secondary school №66 highlighted the importance of the workshop to increase students’ and interest in reading books.




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Published: 05 November