The winner of the Vernadsky competition is from Pavlodar

The 9th grade student from NIS Pavlodar Zarina Mustafina became the winner of the XXV Russian Competition of Youth Research Works named after V.I. Vernadsky.

The competition was organized with the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Global Processes of the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov.

As a result of the competition, Zarina got several diplomas at once: diploma of the awardee of the competition, diploma for the introduction of modern technologies in the study of antiquity, the nominations “The best field research” and “The best illustrative materials”, diploma for the research work “Features of Bronze Age burial in Pavlodar region on the base of materials of the Kempirtas burial ground”.

The research work was held over the year with support of  a history teacher  Laura Baikhanova and a research associate of “The Margulan Center” Elena Tusheva. During the work, Zarina created 3D reconstructions of the burial structures.

The winner says: “It was interesting to take part in this project, as it was my first research project.  I have studied not only the history of our ancestors, but also developed the building skills using 3D models”.


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Published: 11 October