In Astana the winners of the National Robotics Championship "WRO-2018" are named

At the closing ceremony at the International School of Astana, winners were awarded in all four categories, as well as in the nominations "In support of the rural school", "The most creative project" and "The youngest participants". The children were awarded with medals, certificates and valuable prizes.

"Regular Elementary" category 

The first place – Zhansar Zhapparov, Anes Sissenbi (International school of Astana)

The second place – Sof’ya Kokorina, Artem Klimenko (NIS Kokshetau)  

The third place –  Kuanysh Yabekov, Batyrkhan Baiterekov ("Liga robotov", Astana)

"Regular Junior High" category 

The first place – Al’tair Zhambyl, Zharas Annet (NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Astana)  

The second place – Oleg Prikhod’ko, Temirlan Nurtayev ("Liga robotov", Astana)

The third place –  Akdaulet Kabbar, Meirambek Nauryzbay (The regional Kazakh boarding school for gifted children named after Y. Altynsarin)

"Regular Senior". category 

The first place – Nikita Noskov, Danil Prokhorenko (NIS of Chemistry and Biology in Almaty)  

The second place – Artur Iskakov, Damir Gimaletdinov (NIS Petropavlovsk)  

The third place – Daniyar Zharkynuly, Arnur Orazgul (NIS Uralsk)  

"Open Elementary".category 

The first place – Chingiz Muzenbayev, Margulan Nurlan (NIS Kokshetau)  

The second place – Assanali Zhissov, Alen Karimov (NIS Astana)

The third place – Beibarys Babakumarov, Mukhamed Arman (NIS Ust’-Kamenogorsk)  

"Open Junior High" category 

The first place – Dariya Issimbayeva, Elina Pak (Children's Center for Intellectual Development "Happy", Almaty)

The second place – Sagida Zhatkanbayeva, Shyryn Ospanova (NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Astana)  

The third place – Yelaman Fazyl, Madina Urazova (NIS Uralsk)  

"Open Senior" category 

The first place – Daniil Filimonov, Abdyrassul Rassulov (NIS Taldykorgan)   

The second place – Dinara ALmanova, Dil’naz Kuanova (NIS Uralsk)  

The third place –  Alimzhan Kenesbekov, Assylbek Sakenov (NIS of Chemistry and Biology in Almaty)  

"WRO Football" category 

The first place – Yerkebulan Kenzhebek, Sultangazy Dairov (NIS Petropavlovsk)  

The second place – Azat Akmetkali, Daniil Okrug  (NIS Kostanay)    

The third place –  Mazhit Zharaspay, Kaisar Alibekov  (NIS Akrobe)   

"Smart City" category 

The first place –  Nurbergen Agadil, Miras Nussupov (NIS of Chemistry and Biology in Almaty)  

The second place –  Zul’fkhar Maukei, Alika Sarbassova (NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Astana)  

The third place –  Zhangir Siranov, Zhanibek Manabayev (NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty)  

"In support of the rural school" nomination

Mark Perepechkin and Maksat Kozhagulov, students of Manshuk Mametova secondary school of Agadyr village in Karaganda region, are awarded.

"The most creative project" nomination

Aldiyar Zhangulov and Sultan Nassyrov from NIS Astana are awarded.

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Published: 09 July