The books conquer the world

The action of book-presenting took place on World Book and Copyright Day in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

A large-scale event under the symbolic title "The books conquer the world" is held for the second time in the NIS system on the initiative of the library service of Intellectual schools. Due to this initiative, last year thousands of books of different themes and genres found their readers, this is more than 8,800 participants. Traditionally, each participant can get the desired book and make a gift to a partner whose name becomes known only at the time of delivery.

This year this event also united the book-lovers from all Intellectual schools of the republic and the AEO central office. The number of participants in 2018 also exceeded eight thousand people.

An unusual format makes the educational project "The books conquer the world" a unique platform to promote the culture of reading.

- The main goal of the action is the promotion of reading. It is books that are the source of developing the functional and information literacy, critical thinking skills, and public speaking. Innovative ideas in spreading the reading culture of such countries as Singapore, Finland, South Korea and Japan need to be introduced everywhere in Kazakhstan, - the organizer of the book project, Deputy director of the Department for the Development of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Aida Agadil, shared.





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Published: 24 April