Young intellectuals learn the Japanese art of arranging flowers

A unique chance to learn the ideas of the ancient Japanese art of ikebana was received by students of the 7th grade at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana. A sensei from Japan, Professor Yamadou Midori held a master class in the Intellectual School to compose Ikebana.

The founder and the first President of the Ikenobo branch in Russia, Ms. Yamada Midori, was invited by the Embassy of Japan to Kazakhstan. During three days she conducted a lecture-demonstration on Japanese traditional art of dance and ikebana in Astana and Almaty. The students enthusiastically listened and watched the graceful movements of Madame Madori, personifying the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Professor Ikenobo told the children about the Japanese art of arranging flowers, about the rules of composing floral arrangements. "The correct Ikebana corresponds to the season and the occasion by which it is created, so I suggest that for the coming year your students make a floral puppy and present it to their moms", she said. Under the guidance of the sensei, the participants of the workshop learned the art of turning usual colors into a beautiful and extraordinary composition.

Professor Yamada Midori is fluent in Russian; she graduated from the Moscow State University and holds a PhD degree in Philology. Therefore, the seventh graders did not have any difficulty in communicating with the sensei.

It is worth noting the workshop developed genuine enthusiasm among all the participants and was interesting to not only the girls but also boys who also were keenly studying the basics of Japanese art of ikebana. Undoubtedly, the visit of such a high-level professional taught the children a lot, namely to seek harmony everywhere and do good to this world.




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Published: 05 March