Best Olympiad participants of Intellectual schools are determined

The names of winners and prize-winners of the Nazarbayev Intellectual schools network olympiad third stage on general education subjects of natural-mathematical and social-humanitarian sciences became known.

Over 400 students from Intellectual schools took part in the network olympiad, which was held simultaneously in Astana and Almaty. Also, more than 180 schoolchildren participated in the online Olympiad.

According to the results, 95 students of Intellectual schools took the third place, the second place and the chance to participate in the republican Olympiad were taken by almost 60 schoolchildren. The winners of the Olympiad, who will also defend NIS honor at the national level, are more than 35 students.

The "Best Olympiad Team" cup was won by Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Almaty.

- We worked hard on the way to this victory. The atmosphere of the Olympiad united us all around. It is especially pleasant that we get this cup for the third year in a row, - the winners of the Cup shared their impressions in Astana.

Diplomas "Best Olympiad School" were awarded to Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of Chemistry and Biology in Atyrau and Pavlodar.

- The Olympiad was difficult, but everything was held at the highest level. Despite the competition, everyone was friendly to each other, because we are all from the same network of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools. Of the nine participants, six managed to win prizes – three first places, two second and one third. This is a great achievement for our school, - noted the students of Intellectual School in Atyrau.

As the results of the Olympiad showed, a large number of participants improves their results every year. There were those who proved the status of the network Olympiad winner. Among them - the 11th grade student Daniyar Arstanov from the Intellectual School in Uralsk.

- For the second straight year I am winning a network Olympiad in the Russian language. Last year I also managed to take the second place at the Republican Olympiad. I am grateful to everyone who helps to achieve victories - school, teachers and parents, - Daniyar admitted.

Excellent results became a proud moment not only for students, but also teachers, contributing daily to the preparation of the Olympiad in Intellectual schools. One of these teachers is Oskenbay Momynov from the Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in ​​Almaty. His trainees won seven prize places in Chemistry this year.

Now the winners and holders of the second place of the network Olympiad will begin active preparation for the republican Olympiad. Students note that they want to present Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools with dignity at the republican level.

- Since the childhood I learn the Kazakh language. The school helped me to develop my language skills and reach the Olympiad. Now I will diligently prepare for the republican olympiad, - Elvira Akhtamyanova shared, a student of  Intellectual school of Chemistry and Biology in Shymkent, who took the second place in the Kazakh language.

As statistics show, students of Intellectual schools improve their own results at the Olympiads every year. This is also noted by Zhuldyz Suleimenova, the Director of the Department for the Development of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

- If in 2016 more than 1900 students of Intellectual schools became winners and prizewinners of republican and international olympiads and contests, in 2017 this figure increased to 2028, - Zhuldyz Dosbergenovna stated.

The network Olympiad of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools opened a list of students' victories in 2018. Ahead of them is the conquest of new peaks and the next high achievements.


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Published: 08 Januray