Intellectual schools at WALS–2017

The World Association of Lesson Studies 11th annual International Conference was held in Nagoya (Japan). The Conference theme was Bridging Research and Practice through Lesson Study. Conference work is focused at promoting research and practice through Lesson Study in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

The aim of the conference is to promote international cooperation in Lesson Study research, mutual assistance and information exchange between the members of WALS.

Three key speakers had been invited for the work of the Conference: Prof. Andreas Gruschka – Emeritus Professor of the Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany), Prof. Tan Oon-Seng – Professor of National Institute of Education (Singapore), Prof. Tadahiko Abiko – Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University (Japan).

In general, 28 forums/symposiums, more than 300 oral presentations, and about 60 posters were presented in the conference. This conference presented the results of the Lesson Study research in schools of the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Zambia and other countries. More than 900 participants from 35 countries took part in the conference.

Particular interest was paid to the presentations of the following speakers: Prof. Tan Oon-Seng – Professor of National Institute of Education (Singapore), Dr. Catherine Lewis – Research Fellow of Mills College (USA), Dr. Akihiko Takahashi – Research Fellow of DePaul University (USA), Cheon Ho-Seong –  Professor of Jeonju National University of Education (South Korea), Dr. Yuefeng Ellen Zhang – Teaching Assisstant of Curriculum Department in Institute of Education (Hong Kong).  

At the same time, with support from Fukui Prefectural Directorate of Education, the Conference participants were suggested the programme “Lesson Study in Fukui” the aim of which was to visit schools in Japan and share experience by observing lessons in authentic conditions.

From November 2015, the Center of Excellence AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” is an official member of the World Association of Lesson Study (WALS) and included in the Council of WALS. Lesson Study is used in Kazakhstani schools as an approach which characterized a specific form of action research in the classroom aimed at advancing knowledge in teaching practice.

Experience of Kazakhstan in Lesson Study implementation was presented by the Center of Excellence team: Akimova T.A., Alimov A.Kh., Baigarinova Zh.K., Gabdollakyzy B., Idrisheva Z.Ye., Myrzagaliyeva A. E., Obydenkina L.V. The results of research conducted in schools of Astana, Almaty, Uralsk and Aktobe were presented in the Conference.


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Published: 06 December