Nazarbayev Intellectual schools «WIKIPEDIA» club participants in Hong-Kong

Students and teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools took participation at the work of annual international conference «Wikimania-2013» in Hong-Kong from 8th to 11th of August 2013. Global wiki-conference united more than one thousand expert-scientists and enthusiasts of the project «Wikipedia» from more than 100 countries. Delegates separately honored Kazakhstani delegation as the most numerous, active and special. The main part of the participants consisted of 45 most active members of Wiki-clubs functioning at Nazarbayev Intellectual schools.

The project «Wikipedia Club» functioning at the Intellectual schools directed on the development of students’ writing, articles editing skills, involvement of students into creative work and scientific research in accordance with the principals of academic honesty and responsibility.

Wiki-clubs at Nazarbayev Intellectual schools were opened in order to stimulate research activities and to communicate at Wiki community in English, to search information on English and Russian languages and to spread ideas on Kazakh language.

Within the conference Kazakhstani delegation had a separate meeting with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and the inspirer of the world Wiki-community. He told about current state and about development of Wikipedia, also about other Wiki-projects directed on free dissemination of information and knowledge. At the same time Wales has answered on students’ questions and expressed his appreciation to Kazakhstani Wiki-community for active and coordinated work on the development of world section encyclopedia on Kazakh language. Jimbo, as community calls him so, was very interested at unique Kazakhstani experience of creation of wiki-clubs at schools. He expressed his hope on realization of his long-standing wish to visit Kazakhstan in the near future.

The idea to create school wiki-clubs is the result of partnership of Autonomous Organization of Education «Nazarbayev Intellectual schools» with the «WikiBilim» foundation, which is involved at the development of Kazakh language content of Wikipedia. Today such clubs are functioning at 11 schools and more than 30 enthusiasts are participating at the work of each club.

«Wikipedia» is the only non-commercial Internet-resource that is in the top 10 world internet brands. This is the first intellectual project that has shown the power of the world net as the social platform. Currently «Wikipedia» works on 287 languages and contains more than 28 million articles. More than 4 million publications were issued on English.

«Wikimania» is an annual conference of Wikimedia foundation. It is at the same time a scientific conference and a meeting of confederates, which gathers altogether participants of different projects of the foundation to make presentations, to provide with projects reports, to share ideas and to search for new contacts. Conference participants get an opportunity to discuss wide range of questions, starting from free and open software and ending with initiatives, directed on free dissemination of knowledge and Wiki-projects all over the world.

«Wikibilim» is the initiator of the project «Kazakh Wikipedia», the aim of which is to increase a number and quality of articles of Kazakh part, also to create a community of active user and redactors of online encyclopedia. For two years since the beginning of the project number of articles in Kazakh part of Wikipedia increased from 7 to 203 thousands, number of page viewers increased from 200 thousands to 10 million pages per month. «Kazakh Wikipedia» is one of the projects directed on the development of Kazakh language content in the Internet. Among such projects there are «Open library of Kazakhstan» (, popularization of available Creative Commons licenses, the inclusion of Kazakh language into translation service of «Google Translate», translation and spreading of public TED lectures in Kazakhstan and other undertakings directed on the opening of global online platforms and services for their free usage on Kazakh language. 

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Published: 24 August