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Teaching and Learning Materials Portal was developed to support the schoolteachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



Teaching and Learning Materials Portal is an extensive online platform designed to provide methodological support for pedagogical staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of updating the content of secondary education.

The portal contains documents to be used during the work process, such as state compulsory education standard, standard educational programs, educational programs and plans that are considered as an educational and methodological basis for the organization of educational process.

"Lesson planning" section contains examples of lesson plans for the first and second grades with the additional materials, such as presentations, formative assessment, teaching materials, audio and video materials. Leading practicing teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of Kokshetau and Taldykorgan provided the content of this section. The materials are structured according to the academic disciplines and subject areas of the curriculum that makes it easier to search for information in the planning and preparation for the lesson.

In the section of "Criteria-based assessment system" users will be able to find the manuals on the criteria-based assessment for teachers, regional and school coordinators. In addition, this section contains the collections of formative assessment activities that were prepared based on the secondary schools programs. The guidelines for summative assessment, videos and presentation resources that contain recommendations and electronic logs are also included in this section.

In addition, the electronic versions of textbooks, workbooks, teacher handbooks, posters for speech development, and video instructions to the textbooks are uploaded as a support for the teacher.

The portal also contains "Discussion platform" section, which serves as a forum. In this forum, AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" staff provide professional counseling in different areas. It is noteworthy to mention that the forum provides an opportunity for teachers to organize debates, place their comments and suggestions on various fields.

It should be noted that technical support team organized a service of providing feedback for portal users. Portal user emails containing both technical and information methodological issues are processed on a daily basis. At the same time, the contact numbers of AEO "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" structural units’ employees are published under the section “Contact Us”.  

All the registered authorized users can access to the content of the portal. By means of this online resource, teachers can receive methodical and consulting support, share experience in the education system by publishing their works and discussing them with the colleagues in the forum.

Thus, Teaching and Learning Materials Portal is intended to be informational and methodological base for teachers, a platform for creative and professional development and teacher collaboration.

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Published: 13 September