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Educational Resource Centre Developed 33 Digital Applications for Primary and Secondary School

New interactive multimedia textbooks, training simulators, 3D videos, virtual tours and laboratories, games of skill, educational games and applications – all of these will soon be made available for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools. These resources will help to prepare for lessons individually or to consolidate knowledge.

Last autumn saw the launch of a number of pilot projects for the development of digital educational resources (DER) implemented by Educational Resource Centre (ERC). Some ERC products were developed in-house, others in collaboration with international partners. By the end of 2013, ERC had developed 33 applications for primary and secondary schools on the following subjects: Kazakh, Russian, English, Mathematics, and Science. The digital problem book ‘Pyramid’ and interactive multimedia textbook ‘Geometry of Astana’ were demonstrated to President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the opening of the Intellectual School in Kyzylorda.

Interactive applications help the child to acquire theoretical and practical skills on Mathematics, Physics, Biology, languages, and other core subjects while playing. For example, in the game ‘Tour of Astana’ a child will need to make a tour solving various logical problems along the way. Having overcome all the obstacles the chid has a unique opportunity to print his/her own photograph with Bayterek Tower in the background. In ‘Sciencopedia’ application, students can watch educational videos, use virtual simulators, test various laws of physics, and self-assess the new knowledge. The exciting game ‘Food Groups” will introduce primary school students to the name of different foods and their types.

All the digital resources were developed in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English.

Teachers can use the electronic applications as the main or additional resources in the educational process, and learners can use them to prepare for lessons individually or to consolidate knowledge.

Also it is worth noting that within the process of educational resource development ERC focuses on the latest developments in e-learning and ICT, integrates advanced international and Kazakhstan practices. New applications support such advanced mobile platforms as iOS, Android and Windows. In addition, ERC has developed special versions for Web platform with browser-based access from any device, either a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.

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Published: 26 February