• We are strong happy family!19 May

    During the World Family Day, May 15, the family of Erkin and Zhanar Amire has won the City family contest “We are strong happy family”

  • By exchanching the experience with the schools of the country...23 April

    Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kyzylorda held training seminars for staff from local secondary schools.

  • Golden Pen20 April

    Student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Shymkent won «Golden Pen» nomination.

  • The Investigation the Quality of Education in Kazakhstan17 April

    This year Kazakhstan is taking part in an international study called PISA – 2015, The Programme for International Student Assessment. This test assesses the literacy of 15-year-olds and their ability to apply knowledge in practice.

  • 100 books 10 April

    The event devoted to 100 books occurred on April 7, 2015. The event included games, rebates, Book Bingo, Book research, and creative work.

Extract from the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Nation

Astana, 29 January 2010

« By 2015 the National Innovation System should function to the utmost extent, and by 2020 we expect to reap its benefits in the form of multifarious projects, patents and off-the-shelf technology implemented throughout the entire country. The priority in the sphere of education will be placed on the projects akin to those established and successfully operating in Astana – “New International University”, “Special Fund”, and “Intellectual Schools”. These one-of-the-kind academic institutions will bear my name. It is our mission to ensure that these schools are at the forefront in preparing the next generation of global-minded leaders in Kazakhstan, key platforms for testing and development of up-to-date academic programs and further introduction in the country ».